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What's Next for Network Engineering?

Future Proofing your Network Engineering Career

There are several advancements in operational deployment and delivery when it comes to how a network engineer provides support in 2020 and beyond. With the advent of Software Defined-Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) as well as network automation and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) it is becoming increasingly imperative for the traditional network engineer to broaden their skills and invest in themselves.

One of the very best strategies is to delve into DevOps. A traditional network engineer may have spent the time and effort to achieve certain certification levels such as Cisco's CCNA (Certified Cisco Networking Associate) or Juniper's JNCIA certification track. Today both manufacturers are offering specific DevOps tracks to hone your development skills and provide entry level exposure to such tools as: Ansible

Python scripting






Each of these tools will allow the engineer to stack technologies and grow the desired subject matter expertise.

Look to this space in the future to deep dive each of these tools and provide a top-down view for technical professionals looking to dig into the "next big thing". Gotcha-6 Technologies: We Always Have Your Back!

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